Dr Echard's Laurel Releaf CBD Products

Find your relief with Dr. Echard’s Laurel Releaf CBD – nature’s solution to everyday stress.

Step into relief with Dr. Echard’s CBD solutions for foot wellness.

Introducing Dr. Echard’s Laurel Releaf CBD products, a revolutionary line meticulously crafted by the renowned Dr. Shawn P. Echard. With a distinguished career spanning over 28 years in podiatry, Dr. Echard has channeled his extensive knowledge and deep commitment to holistic wellness into the creation of these innovative CBD formulations. Specifically designed for targeted relief, his unique CBD foot balm and CBD gummy supplement are tailored for patients suffering from neuropathy and arthritis, combining the therapeutic benefits of CBD with the potent anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric and the mood-enhancing qualities of Saffron.

Dr Shawn P. Echard's CBD Products

Dr. Echard, a board-certified podiatrist and surgeon, boasts an impressive academic and professional journey. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Biology Activities from Washington and Jefferson College, followed by a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from what is now known as Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. His postgraduate endeavors included an extensive Rotating Podiatric Residence and Rotating Podiatric Surgical Residency at UPMC Bedford Memorial Hospital. Furthermore, Dr. Echard’s affiliations with prestigious hospitals and his active membership in leading medical associations highlight his dedication to the highest standards of foot and ankle care.

Dr. Echard’s Laurel Releaf CBD line emerges from his lifelong dedication to enhancing patient care and offering natural wellness solutions. These products are not only a testament to his expertise in podiatry but also his holistic approach to health, providing those afflicted with neuropathy and arthritis a natural, effective option for alleviating their symptoms. Whether seeking the comfort provided by the CBD foot balm or the comprehensive wellness support from the CBD gummy supplement, users can trust in the quality and efficacy of Dr. Echard’s formulations to improve their quality of life.